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Virtual Number

Virtual Number

Defne’s Virtual Number platform is an innovative IN based roaming solution that allows operators to offer temporary virtual local prepaid numbers to inbound roamers. It enables visited mobile network operators to increase usage and average revenue per inbound roamer from a variety of voice and data services.


Virtual Number allows mobile operators to offer combinations of local and roaming profiles to subscribers by giving service to both original MSISDN number on roaming and virtual local prepaid number during its availability on the network. Thus, it enables inbound roamers to complement their home operator profile with a local prepaid subscription without the need to change the original SIM card in their handset.


With Virtual Number service, roamers can initiate calls from and are reachable at both their home and local numbers. For each call, roamers can select the calling number (Home or Virtual Number) by adding special digits just after Called Number. Subscribers can use the local profile to make calls at cheaper rates than regular roaming calls, which results in longer minutes of usage and additional revenues for the visited operator.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Competitive advantage against other local networks

  • Special and flexible tariffs for local virtual number increases the number of inbound roamers who select your network

  • Provides an opportunity to maximize inbound roamer’s usage and revenue

  • Increases traffic and revenues as roamers pay no termination charges

  • Can be offered only for voice or message usage, and/or combinations of both

  • Extends call, SMS and data service usability to a new segment

  • Keeps the original MSISDN number active in roaming together with virtual number and maximizes inbound roamer’s usage and revenue

  • Increases the prepaid subscriber base by both offering virtual local prepaid number to roamers and local subscribers as secondary number





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