Border Roaming Controller

Border Roaming Controller


Unintentionally and automatically connecting to foreign networks in neighboring countries along borders even if in their home country is a major problem that subscribers often face.


Close to country borders, signals from communications networks in neighboring countries can sometimes be stronger and subscribers can unintentionally attach to foreign networks and use their services without realizing. This causes subscribers to face high roaming charges and ends with an “invoice shock”. Resulting in customer dissatisfaction, “unwanted border roaming” causes a decline in operator revenues and an increase in costs.


Mobile network operators (MNOs) need solutions that will help them identify and control mobile border traffic in order to keep subscribers in their network when travelling near international borders and eliminate any additional costs and customer dissatisfaction.


Defne's Border Roaming Controller is an innovative solution that prevents subscribers from unknowingly connecting to foreign network operators in border regions. Thus, it eliminates any unintentional use of foreign services where the subscribers’ home networks have coverage and safeguards the home operators’ revenues and subscriber loyalty.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Increased roamer retention

  • Seamless subscriber experience and higher satisfaction by preventing unintentional roaming in border regions

  • Elimination of unexpected accidental roaming costs reduces customer complaints

  • Easy configuration and service management through an intuitive GUI

  • Default service open to use for all subscribers

  • Alarm capability for notifying admins during critical levels

  • Reliable field proven solution backed with world-class managed services





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