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Roaming Call Assistant

Roaming Call Assitant

Defne's Roaming Call Assistant solution intelligently monitors calls initiated by the roaming subscriber and automatically converts the dialed number into international format if it is in national format and converts the dialed short code into a long service number.


It enhances operator revenues, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by making it easy for subscribers to place calls successfully with short code service numbers even when they are traveling and are in foreign networks.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Default service open to all subscribers

  • Increases service usage

  • Maximizes revenues - turns a failed call into a successful one and increases roaming revenues. Increases successful call rates

  • Higher satisfaction -enhances subscriber experience and reduces churn

  • Easy access to short code service numbers

  • Easy configuration of mobile network codes and short codes for the system administrator

  • Web/HTTP based user interface for designing and monitoring transactions easily

  • Advanced reporting tool for monitoring results

  • Reliable field proven solution backed with world-class managed services 






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