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Gateway Location Register (GLR)

Gateway Location Register (GLR)

Defne’s Gateway Location Register enables mobile operators to monitor, manage, optimize and maintain a high quality of service for roaming traffic. It reduces operator costs and increases revenues by isolating and protecting the network from inbound roamer signaling load, reducing the need for additional HLRs (Home Location Registers) in the network and making the management of roaming services easier. The net result is increased roaming usage and revenues with lower operational costs.


Defne’s Gateway Location Register is a node located between the Visitor Location Register (VLR) and Home Location Register (HLR), which is used to optimize location updating and the handling of subscriber profile data. When a subscriber is roaming, the Gateway Location Register functions as an HLR towards the VLR in the visited network and as a VLR towards the HLR in the home network. The Gateway Location Register maintains the location update procedures and information reducing inter-network signaling for location management. 


The ETSI 3GPP compliant Gateway Location Register enables operators to control their inbound roaming traffic within the network and provides a set of tools to detect potential losses. It captures all information about inbound roamer’s profile during initial location registration and provides this information upon any request from the VLR and dramatically decreases the signaling with home network elements. The isolation of network from inbound roamer signaling traffic decreases risks that may finally lead to inbound roamer losses.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Reduces OPEX and CAPEX:

    • Roaming connectivity and signaling traffic optimization

    • Network isolation and protection from large number of registration attempts

    • Elimination of need for additional HLRs

    • Reduces inter-networking signaling for location update management

    • Makes introduction of new roaming services easy

  • High Efficiency:

    • Real-time and high capacity

    • Optimizes roaming connectivity and signaling traffic

  • Secure Operations:

    • Protects inbound roamers from any short-term failures or coverage problems

    • Eliminates inbound roamer leakage due to minor coverage issues

  • Increased Revenues:

    • High call completion success rate

    • Increased quality of service and reduced call setup duration

    • Protects inbound market share





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