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RaaS (RoamingSuite As a Service)

Don’t pay separate roaming service costs for each member operator, pay it once! DiRoam provides a new Business Opportunity to Telco Groups, thanks to the Multitenancy structure of RaaS, Telco Groups would be able to utilize the platform for all their member operators with no additional cost or effort since the platform promotes centralizing the management and administrating from only a single platform.

The number of foreign travelers is expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2025, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council and roaming expectations will increase as travel statistics continue to rise. As a result, it is more important than ever for Telco Group’s to improve their roaming services! RoamingSuite as a Service (RaaS) provides Telco Group’s with a next-generation platform built on an extensible, flexible and cloud native architecture that is critical in the quest for member operators to establish and sustain loyal relationships with roamers. With configurable private, public, or hybrid cloud deployments, DiRoam’s RaaS is a virtualized, compact, high-capacity, multiprotocol platform that offers improved flexibility and scalability.

DiRoam’s RaaS is a great tool for quickly, securely, and effectively serve operators with its ‘Steering of Roaming’, ‘Roaming Messaging Service’ and ‘Border Roaming Prevention’ services.


Defne's RoamingSuite as a Service (RaaS) includes the following solutions:

  • Border Roaming Controller
  • Roaming Call Assistant
  • Steering of Roaming
  • Welcome/BonVoyage SMS
  • Download DiRoam RaaS Whitepaper

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