Defne’s Roaming products enhance operator revenues by increasing retention of inbound roamers and by allowing operators to deliver seamless services wherever their subscribers might be traveling to.


The Roaming products prevent subscribers from unintentionally roaming into neighboring networks in border areas, provide easy access to short code service numbers, enable inbound roamers to make calls to shortcode service numbers of their own network and offer a temporary prepaid local number to inbound roamers without replacing their existing SIM card. The Roaming Solutions increases customer satisfaction by eliminating unintentional roaming charges and by enabling subscribers to easily make calls while they are roaming. 


Defne's Roaming Solutions offers the following applications:

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Drives Revenue: Increases service usage with easy access to shortcode service numbers

  • Reduces Churn and Increases Customer Loyalty: Eliminates unintentional roaming charges and retains subscribers on the home network. Enhances the subscribers’ communications experience and increases satisfaction

  • Intuitive:  It is easy-to-use and does not require comprehensive subscriber education. Reduces time-to-market effort

  • Competitive Advantage: Can be offered as an integrated roaming solution to keep inbound and outbound roamers on the MNO’s network

  • World-class Managed Services: The solutions are backed-up with Defne’s proven professional and managed services





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