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Omni-channel Service

Omni-channel Service Platform 


Defne’s Omni-channel Service Platform offers mobile operators an omni-channel service creation, execution and management solution equipped with artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities. It is carrier grade multi-tenant VAS consolidation platform that complies with the stringent reliability and performance requirements for telco grade operations. The platform integrates with network’s charging, billing and testing systems and reduces service creation, deployment and managements costs.


With Defne’s Omni-channel Service Platform, mobile operators or third-party application/content providers can easily create new digital services without the need for expert telecom software developers. The intuitive Service Creation Environment accelerates the time-to-market and control of new and customized services.


The Omni-channel Service Platform includes a graphical Service Creation Environment (SCE) that offers ‘drag and drop’ development environment with enhanced Web Services support for rapid creation of new value-added services.


The platform also includes a Service Integration and Execution Layer (SIEL) for the deployment and execution of services created by the network operator or third-party application developers. The SIEL provides automatic load distribution and fault recovery functionality.


The Business Process Management (BPM) Layer supports the intelligent management of process flows, reuse of service logic and hassle-free changes to existing services.


Optionally, the Omni-channel Service Platform provides chatbot functionality equipped with artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


Key Operator Benefits:

  • Efficiency: 

    • Key element in VAS consolidation

    • Omni-channel customer driven digital service creation and execution

    • Reduces time-to-market of new services

  • Drives Revenue: Facilitates new revenue streams by making it easy to create and offer new value-added services to subscribers through multiple channels

  • Reduces Operational Costs:

    • Enhances network integration through the service integration and execution layer (SIEL)

    • Intelligent business process management (BPM) layer makes it easy to implement service changes, automate process executions and interaction with back-end process

  • Intuitive:  Drag and drop service creation environment and GUI makes it easy-to-use even for non-expert telecom users

  • Competitive Edge: Chatbot functionality equips services with artificial intelligence and natural language processing capability

  • Increases Subscriber Loyalty:

    • Improves subscriber satisfaction and enhances service experience by engaging subscribers seamlessly across multiple channels

    • Enhances customer engagement and interaction

    • Allows for personalized customer relationships




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