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Outbound Campaign Suite

Outbound Campaign Suite 


Defne’s Outbound Campaign Suite product mobile operators with the flexibility and performance they require from an IVR based dialer. It enables mobile operators to offer simultaneous interactive mass marketing services through the IVR channel. It is a carrier-grade automated mass calling system that can perform promotional, informational, and survey campaigns.


Due to Outbound Campaign Suite's signaling independent nature, multi-campaign management capabilities engaged with diverse campaign options enable operators to swiftly reach a huge number of subscribers in the best possible way. It supports different dialing methods according to MNO’s needs and goals; such as Agentless, Predictive, Power, Preview, and Progressive dialing. The Outbound Campaign Suite supports campaign call-to-actions such as purchase, information gathering, etc. Additionally, it has the capability to integrate with call center solutions to route all calls to a live agent, as necessary.  


Outbound Campaign Suite maximizes the use of call center resources through predictive and real-time analysis of parameters such as the number of live agents assigned to the campaign, size of call list, ring time, call success rate and estimated average talk time to optimize campaign algorithms.


Key Operator Benefits:

  • Drives Revenue: Opens up new revenue streams by assuring ad/information content to reach targeted consumers on time

  • Intuitive:  Easy-to-use user interface minimizes the learning curve. Advanced GUI and web services tool simplify rules/parameter based campaign administration and prioritization

  • Effective: Reaches qualified targeted subscribers through IVR without any length limitations and increases campaign success rates by collecting instant confirmations compared to SMS messages

  • Optimum Traffic Routing: Supports various network scenarios and different throughput limits for customers and resellers

  • Interoperability: Seamlessly integrates with existing VAS nodes, text-to-speech, billing/charging, CRM and call center solutions

  • Subscriber Loyalty: Increases subscriber satisfaction and enhances service experience by offering a personal touch

  • Reduces Cost of Ownership: Feature-rich, cost and resource-effective solution that improves network efficiency and lowers operational costs and capital expenses

  • World-class Managed Services: The solution is backed-up with Defne’s proven professional and managed services





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