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Outbound USSD

Outbound USSD 


Defne’s Outbound USSD is a robust and scalable solution that enables mobile operators to offer interactive revenue generating services through the secure USSD connection. It enables network operators with an alternative channel to reach their subscribers for:

  • Sales

  • Order collection

  • Information gathering


Outbound USS allows for faster time-to-market of interactive services and improves subscriber experience with streamlined and accelerated access to interactive services and content. It’s self-marketing feature and ease-of-use boosts service penetration and accelerates revenues.


Outbound USSD solution offers a more responsive, and quick and easy communication methodology than SMS between the company and customers. It accelerates desired results on service campaigns.


Key Operator Benefits:

  • Enhances customer reach:

    • Supports USSD - the most cost-effective medium to connect to subscribers anywhere, anytime

    • Mass Market Reach -Supports a large range of low-end and high-end GSM mobile devices

  • Improves subscriber experience:

    • Streamlined and accelerated access to interactive services and content

    • Interactive: Two way interactive (Push & Pull) communication with subscriber

  • Self-marketing feature  and ease-of-use boosts service penetration

  • Captures additional revenues from new service, plan and content sales, and upsell of data plans

  • Integrated: Provides intelligent and total solution by integrating to CRM

  • Efficient: Efficient solution that uses a different communication channel to reach subscribers who rejected calls about campaigns and offers

  • Flexible: Uses different scenarios to offer various options to subscribers and establishes communication bridge between Company and Customers

  • Time Efficiency: Allows to open multiple sessions to hundreds of customers at the same time

  • Hassle-free Capacity Expansion: Capacity increase can be done very easily

  • Results Follow-up: Follows-up the actual results by producing detailed reports





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