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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions


Defne’s Marketing Solutions enables mobile operators to deliver robust and scalable mobile advertisement campaigns and promotions, both of their own services and from third parties, to targeted subscribers on time in a cost-effective and fast manner from a single platform. They allow highly effective and personalized communication channels (SMS, USSD and IVR) to be established between the target mobile subscribers and campaign owners. They support cell-id based location determination to offer more targeted marketing campaigns**.


With Defne's Marketing Solutions operators can deliver offers in bulk or to a specific subscriber in a more intelligent and targeted manner, in real time based on an event, based on subscriber attributes or a combination of both. For bulk messaging, the solutions integrate with the existing operator CRM and billing/charging systems to deliver message content based on pre-defined profile and segmentation attributes such as gender, location, and pre-call/message check.


Defne’s Marketing Solutions offer the following products (individually or as an integrated solution) for bulk and/or targeted intelligent marketing campaigns:


Key Operator Benefits:

  • Drives Revenue: Opens up a new revenue stream by assuring ads to reach targeted customers on time.

  • Intuitive:  Easy-to-use user interface minimizes learning curve. Advanced API and GUI simplifies rules/parameter based campaign administration.

  • Effective:  

    • Reduces time-to-market of new upsell service campaigns.

    • Entices subscribers to try out new services at the right time with personalized contextual content.

    • Reaches targeted subscribers through multiple channels (SMS, USSD, IVR) increasing campaign success rates.

  • Interoperability: Seamlessly integrates with existing text-to-speech, billing, CRM and call center solutions

  • Subscriber Loyalty: Increases subscriber satisfaction and enhances service experience by reducing spam.

  • Reduces Cost of Ownership: Feature rich, cost and resource effective solutions that improve network usage efficiency.

  • World-class Managed Services: The solutions are backed-up with Defne’s proven  professional and managed services.





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