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Intelligent Marketing 

Intelligent Marketing Platform 


Defne’s Intelligent Marketing Platform offers mobile operators a subscriber centric, next generation marketing system that collects and analyzes real-time data from all subscriber touch points and accurately matches the most suitable service offer to the right subscriber, at the right time and at the right location. The same platform can also be opened up to brand owners for targeted campaigns.


The Intelligent Marketing Platform:

  • Manages interactions in real-time

  • Collects and integrates behavioral and transactional subscriber data from multiple channels

  • Segments and classifies collected subscriber data based suggested or predefined attributes

  • Creates a single customer profile with multiple perspectives (e.g. age, day of billing cycle, location, average monthly spend, prepaid/postpaid, data remaining, location, occupation, etc.)

  • Integrates easily with third party systems for both collecting subscriber info and providing real-time on device offers with clear purchase and activation options

  • Evaluates and manages all kinds of products/services/offers and marketing campaigns towards all subscribers

  • Offers predictive analytics to suggest new innovative service packages and campaigns

  • Enables real-time reporting of campaign statistics and offer refinement as needed


Key Operator Benefits:

  • Effective: 

    • Reduces time-to-market of new upsell service campaigns

    • Entices subscribers to try out new services at the right time with actionable, personalized contextual upsell campaigns

  • Drives Revenue: Increases ARPU and opens up new revenue streams by assuring ads to reach targeted subscribers based on real-time segmentation.

  • Intuitive: Easy-to-use user interface minimizes learning curve. Advanced API and GUI simplifies data analytics and campaign administration.

  • Improved Performance: Sends the service/ad campaign to the targeted subscriber based on previous channel preference. Optimizes network, efficiently divides and balances resources, solves bottlenecks and simplifies message flow.

  • Subscriber Loyalty: Increases subscriber satisfaction and enhances service experience by reducing spam and sending targeted messages.





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