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VAS Monitoring

VAS Monitoring


Defne’s VAS Monitoring solution provides mobile operators with the capability to test/monitor their basic and value added services on their GSM/GPRS networks before launch and during live operations for service availability, functionality and charging. The tests are carried out through special M2M terminal devices with GSM/GPRS modem capabilities that are distributed throughout several locations of the operator’s network and that talk with centrally located servers that host the testing software and database.


By simulating the exact human behavior, these terminals act as a real subscriber and test the defined functionality of services from initiation to end. Success and failure results are captured and reported in real time for immediate action. There are no limits on the number of VAS that the VAS Monitoring solution can test and monitor simultaneously. The solution can perform tests on voice calls, video calls, A2P and P2P SMS, MMS, USSD, and Mobile Data and HTTP. The solution also has the ability to remotely monitor the status/sanity of the M2M terminal devices and the SIM cards installed on them.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Customer Retention: Increases subscriber satisfaction by enhancing service experience with 'always on communications experience'

  • Revenue Protection: Ensures value added services are functioning properly and charged accurately

  • Effective: Centralized testing based on human behavior simulation through distributed devices

  • Real-time Monitoring: Timely detection and reporting of all service, network and charging errors ensures quality. 

  • OPEX Reduction: Replaces manual tests carried out by multiple operational resources (hence both error-prone and costly) with specially developed autonomous computer software that simulates user behavior.

  • Increased Resource Productivity: Valuable resources can now work more efficiently on analysis and problem solving. 





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