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Partner and Service Management

Partner and Service Management


Defne’s Partner and Service Management solution enables telecom operators to organize and manage their partner relationships in an effective and efficient way via standardized business processes, methodologies, tools and practices with the overarching goal of creating an automated and sustainable ecosystem.


Partner and Service Management solution offers enhanced processes and tools to assist in management, coordination, control and support of partners, and delivery of services. The solution comprises of four key layers for partner, security, message broker and network access management.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Effective Centralized Management:

    • Centralized and easy processes for adding, modifying and removing partners and services

    • Single point of access for partner performance tracking and KPIs

  • OPEX Reduction:Reduces time-to-market of new third party value added services and integration effortsImproves and automates partner management process Controls spam activity on the network and reduces subscriber complaints

  • Increased Revenues:

    • Easy-to-use Web services GUI improves partner access to network elements and accelerates service launch

    • Massive number of VAS can be offered faster and more secure

  • Customer Retention:

    • Improved partner management and increased service quality reduces subscriber churn

    • Easy-to-use USSD menu for service subscription and removal





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