Call Traffic Router

Call Traffic Router


Defne’s Call Traffic Router solution offers mobile operators an intelligent traffic routing system that allows them to reduce interconnection costs and save money on switch management staff. It optimizes international traffic routing by automatically selecting the best route available based on pre-defined criteria by network administration.


Call Traffic Router integrates with core network elements like Mobile Switching Centers (MSCs) and STPs via SIGTRAN protocol to receive and route call traffic. The system can also integrate with the operator’s fraud management system (FMS) for exchanging information on blacklisted numbers for incoming/outgoing call screening purposes.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Effective: Intelligent and automated routing and screening of calls based on single/multiple parameters

  • OPEX Reduction:

    • Reduces the costs of international traffic by using routes at lower price levels

    • Reduces the number of personnel and the operational costs for network switch management

  • Increased Resource Productivity: Valuable resources can now work on analysis and problem solving

  • Customer Retention: Improves call quality and customer service by choosing high-quality communication channels

  • Reduces Cost of Ownership: Feature-rich, cost and resource-effective solution that improves network efficiency and lowers operational costs and capital expenses





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