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Cellular Broadcast Center

Cell Broadcast Center (CBC)

Cellular Broadcast Center (CBC)


Defne’s Cell Broadcast Cencter (CBC) solution provides mobile operators with the capability to reach every wireless user in a targeted geographic area with potentially urgent information when needed. The solution enables the delivery of time sensitive/real-time and location-based warning messages in the event of emergencies. From earthquake, civil rebels, hurricanes, to wildfires, homeland security and alerts, Defne’s Cell Broadcast Center solution allows operators to provide life-saving and safety-enhancing information in seconds to wireless users. The message can contain what the hazard is, the area affected, the expected duration, what to do immediately, and how to get additional information. The information allows the receiver to react and protect themselves while being directed to additional information sources or systems. The Cell Broadcast Center solution serves as a powerful and more comprehensive public safety communications system.


Defne’s Cell Broadcast Center solution is a high-performance platform that can deliver PWS emergency messages to cell phones in an affected area, regardless of the size of the area. As cell broadcast is not limited by traffic loads, the system operates during disaster even when networks are jammed and ensures the delivery of messages to hundreds of millions of people at the time of need.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Allows mobile operators to meet government regulations for emergency alert delivery

  • High-performance: Ensures the delivery of messages to hundreds of millions of people at time of need

    • Easy-to-Use: Advanced GUI

    • Visual map for delivery location selection

    • Message text entry, configuration and management

  • Real-time Delivery:  Timely delivery of sensitive location-based alert messages





Download Cell Broadcast Center Brochure

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