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Missed Call Notice

Missed Call Notice


Defne’s Missed Call Notice delivers instant missed call information to the called parties to drive call completion and boost revenues. The solution automatically notifies called parties of every call made to their cell phone when they are out of reach (switched-off or out of network coverage) and provides them with information on “who called and when”. It interfaces with the switching centers in the network to capture the caller ID, time of call and the number of call attempts from each caller. 


Missed Call Notice compiles and delivers an instant list of all missed call details to the subscriber as an informational SMS as soon as he/she becomes available (attached to network). In the meantime, an availability notification about the called party’s status can also be sent to the caller by integrating with Defne’s NotifyMe application. 


As an optional feature, the solution can be configured to place a missed call on behalf of the calling party that appears on the called party’s handset call history.  This advanced functionality ensures the called party to see the name of the caller and easily return the call.  By allowing subscribers to easily see who tried calling them and call back at their own leisure, Missed Call Notice eliminates any worries about missing important calls and improves the overall subscriber experience.


The solution can be integrated with mobile marketing systems to generate additional revenue streams by inserting promotional text messages at the end of the missed call notification.

Key Operator Benefits: 


  • Increases chargeable call minutes and voice revenue

  • Advanced feature drives call completion and boosts revenue

  • Captures additional service fee and increases ARPU

  • Dynamic alert message configuration 

  • Alternative notification channel for non-voicemail subscribers

  • Integrates with other call completion services 

  • Reliable field proven solution backed with world-class managed services





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