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Subscribers make calls because they need to reach a family member, a friend or a business colleague to simply talk or exchange important information. In either case, when the called party is not reachable (switched-off, out-of-coverage), subscribers tend to dial repeatedly that causes frustration. 


Defne’s NotifyMe solution takes a proactive approach to call completion and sends an alert SMS to the caller the moment the called party becomes available. It encourages the caller to try calling again at the right time with a single click. 


The NotifyMe solution enhances the subscriber experience by ensuring that they reach the desired party with maximum efficiency and convenience. At the same time, it addresses called party privacy concerns through opt-in feature.

Key Operator Benefits: 


  • Increases chargeable call minutes and voice revenues

  • Captures additional service fee based on flexible subscription models and increases ARPU

  • Cost-effective solution with lower CAPEX and OPEX that eliminates overuse of signaling resources and offers easy dimensioning

  • Eliminates unnecessary network load

  • Integrates with other call completion services 

  • Reliable field proven solution backed with world-class managed services





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