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Auto CallBack

Auto CallBack

Defne’s Auto CallBack solution offers subscribers a user-friendly option to connect with a specific unreachable subscriber’s number when he/she becomes available. Based on service subscription and/or real-time approval from the caller, Auto CallBack solution automatically bridges a call between the two parties as soon as the called party and the caller are both available (switch the phone on, finish the call, or come into a coverage area).


The Auto CallBack solution enhances revenue potential by increasing the rate of call completion while providing subscribers with a user-friendly service. The Auto CallBack enhances user experience by making it easier for callers to connect with their colleagues, friends and family. 

Key Operator Benefits: 

  • Increases chargeable call minutes and voice revenue

  • Captures additional service fee based on multiple charging model and increases ARPU

  • Self marketing feature boosts service penetration

  • Cost-effective solution with lower CAPEX and OPEX that eliminates overuse of signaling resources

  • Reliable field proven solution backed with world-class managed services





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