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Defne’s VoiceMail is a fully featured network-based voicemail solution. It allows callers to leave a voice message to subscribers even if they are out of coverage, busy, or simply just not available. In addition to conventional capabilities, it provides on-the-fly voicemail box creation at first message deposit and temporary voice mailboxes for subscribers who do not have permanent ones. It delivers advanced notifications to the called party’s handset and offers rich personalization and self-provisioning options.  


The VoiceMail application offers message storage, retrieval and forwarding capabilities with high capacity, performance, reliability and scalability. Its easy-to-use rich feature set entices service penetration and enhances subscriber satisfaction and reduces churn.


As an optional feature, the VoiceMail application also offers the Visual VoiceMail functionality for smartphones. It pushes the voice messages directly to the customer’s mobile handset and provides subscribers easy access to their voice mailbox with a single screen touch. The messages appear in a list similar to an email inbox with the callers´ names and numbers. It enhances the user experience with personalization, easy playback and quick callback options at the user’s convenience.

Key Operator Benefits: 


  • Increases chargeable call minutes and voice revenue

  • Captures additional service fee based on flexible subscription models  (first month free, etc.) and increases ARPU

  • On-the-fly voicemail box creation entices service penetration

  • Cost-effective solution with lower CAPEX and OPEX that eliminates overuse of signaling resources and offers easy dimensioning

  • Integrates with other call completion services 

  • Reliable field proven solution backed with world-class managed services





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