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Why MNOs should Use DiRoam’s RaaS connected thru TMF Open APIs to personalize their welcome messages based on central product catalog data

"Pre-configured dynamic templates are used to create Roaming messages. Furthermore, placeholders can be dynamically substituted with data from a variety of internal and external sources. Variables can be flexibly created and configured per subscriber, per country, per network, per group of networks, per zones, or per subscriber group. The difficulty of using dynamic variables on message templates that are applied to the subscriber zones is overcome via CRM integration provided by RaaS."

Most of the operators are obligated to enter the related parameters as per subscriber according to their tariffs, their usage amounts, or roaming country-related specifications manually to be able to send welcome messages occupied with information about roamers’ tariff information,  excessive usage fees, remaining usage amount and charging requirements according to the roaming network. 

RaaS offers the ability to generate personalized messages dynamically on run-time containing external information about the subscriber’s tariff, previous usage, or any subscriber-related information examined with the zone-based conditions on roaming text messages!

This feature becomes possible by extracting external product catalog and customer information data from BSS via TMF open APIs and evaluating according to the roaming zone. Even other Rest APIs can be utilized while extracting the relevant information if the operator doesn’t rely on TMF APIs. This model can be constructed within the RaaS and used within the ‘Welcome’ messages. Options of storing and not storing the external data extracted from BSS are provided. By not storing the data and extracting only when required; operators save the time and resources to be employed in the case of storage. If the subscriber information was stored in the service provider company instead of extracting it from the operator with the TMF open API when required; operators would be obliged to transfer all customer information to the service provider and update it when necessary.

Configuration from one central node, BSS, and letting other systems extract the information from this node will make operators’ work more efficient and easy to handle.

RaaS automatic update module gives operators several options on updating variable values such as automatically updating from external or internal sources automatically via CRM as well as a manual updating option. System administration registers the source of the channel to export information about variable values through our user-friendly GUI. Several frequency options for updating the values are also offered such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Operators now have the opportunity to save time on Roaming Management by switching their habits into more innovative options! As an example: To decide whether the data packet X for subscriber Y is allowed for free or not; tariff plan-related information of subscriber Y is extracted from BSS. The external system is identified as BSS and IP and port addresses are supposed to be registered. Comprising the data usage rights with the roaming zone-related regulations; a ‘Welcome message’ with the usage information can be sent to the subscriber.

“Dear{},welcome to Germany!You can purchase the data package{}which provides {BSS.productCharacteristic[dataVolume].value} data usage right for a fee of{BSS.product.price} while you are roaming.”

{}: To substitute the subscriber’s name into the message template, ‘fullName’ information is extracted from BSS Party Management via TMF 632.

{}: To substitute the name of the packet into the message template, ‘productOffering’ information is extracted from BSS Product Inventory via TMF 637.

{BSS.productCharacteristic[dataVolume].value}: To substitute the eligible usage period into the message template, ‘productCharacteristic’ information is extracted and the characteristic data volume is selectedfrom BSS Product Catalog via TMF 620.

{BSS.productPrice.price}: To substitute the usage costs into the message template, ‘productPrice’ information is extracted from BSS Product inventory via TMF 637.

————“Dear John Doe, welcome to Germany! You can purchase the data package Roaming Starter Pack which provides 5 GBdata usage right for a fee of 5 USD per day  while you are roaming.

About RaaS

DiRoam RoamingSuite as a Service (RaaS) enables operators to build and manage relationships with both inbound and outbound roamers effectively and easily in real-time. Mobile operators can genuinely elevate roamer messaging above the conventional “Welcome SMS” level.  Here are some key points about how our solution is differentiating from other solutions:

  • Multi-tenancy

  • Dynamic Messaging

  • TM Forum Open API Compliance

  • Attribute Creation

  • Roamer Profile and Event Viewer

  • Subscriber SMS/Roaming History

For further details about our solution, please visit Roaming Messaging Solution.


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