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Seamless Communication with Defne’s MVPN: Key Features of Enterprise Voice Solutions

Defne’s Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN) platform is designed to enhance connectivity and streamline communication processes within organizations. And it generates a significant revenue for Mobile Network Operators. Let's explore some of the key features that make our MVPN platform. 

User Management

Defne’s MVPN offers a comprehensive and segmented user management system that empowers various roles with tailored functionalities. The Management GUI is a web-based interface designed for administrators to oversee system configuration and access policies. Key tasks include managing employee short code ranges, user accounts, and authorizations, as well as editing parameters for call detail records (CDRs) and event detail records (EDRs). Customer Care agents, using the Customer Care GUI, can assist with company settings, access company administrator accounts, and manage the customer address book. The Company Administrator GUI allows company admins to manage detailed aspects of their company’s communication, including address books, call forwarding, and bulk SMS. Group Managers have their dedicated GUI to manage call forwarding, active services, and hunt group rules within their group, ensuring smooth operations at the departmental level. Finally, the Employee GUI enables individual users to manage personal call settings, access internal chat, and handle customer address book entries. This segmentation ensures that each user role has access to specific tools and functionalities relevant to their responsibilities, enhancing both security and efficiency.

Company Prime Number

The Universal Access Number (UAN) feature within our MVPN service provides a singular, recognizable entry point for external communication. This prime number allows callers to reach specific departments or individuals efficiently through welcome numbers, ensuring seamless connectivity. The integration of company prime numbers into hunt groups further optimizes call distribution and management. Configuring these numbers is straightforward via the Company Administrator GUI, allowing for flexibility and control.

Company Prime Number Presentation

Customization of caller ID for internal VPN calls is essential for maintaining professionalism and clarity. Our service supports multiple modes of CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) for SIP and IN Camel V4 calls. Administrators can configure these settings to either display the prime number, transmit the original calling number, hide caller information, or use generic or short numbers. These configurations ensure that caller ID presentation is tailored to meet specific organizational needs and can be managed easily through the Company Administrator GUI.

Caller ID Customization via Prefix

Although IN Camel v2 lacks caller ID customization, our MVPN service overcomes this by allowing caller ID changes using prefixes. Administrators and group managers can define a set of caller IDs for employees, who can then select the appropriate ID for outbound calls by dialing a prefix before the recipient's number. This feature ensures flexibility and precise control over caller identification.

Holding Branch

Geographically dispersed companies can establish dedicated PNPs (Private Numbering Plans) for different locations, facilitating seamless intra-company communication. Each branch can have its unique PNP, accessible via an access prefix, ensuring efficient and localized communication. Configuring these PNP numbers is conveniently managed via the Company Administrator GUI.

Numbering Plan

Our MVPN service supports an enhanced Private Numbering Plan (PNP) for both mobile and fixed VPN users. This feature translates private numbers into public numbers and offers customized call treatment. Administrators can define MSISDNs (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Numbers) and matching private numbers via the Company Administrator GUI, ensuring a cohesive and organized numbering system.

Preferred External Destination

Integrating non-VPN lines as external preferred destinations within the private numbering plan enhances connectivity. By defining PED (Preferred External Destination) numbers as extensions for VPN users, businesses can ensure seamless communication with external lines. This feature also allows for special charging criteria, managed via the Company Administrator GUI.

Call Request via Plugin

Enhance customer engagement with the Call Request via Plugin feature. By integrating a plugin on the company's website, visitors can request a callback by filling out a form. The platform then initiates an automatic call from a preselected number or finds an available user to handle the call. This feature is managed by company administrators via the GUI, ensuring prompt and efficient customer service.

Chatbot via Plugin-

Our MVPN service includes a Chatbot via Plugin feature, allowing website visitors to send messages directly to the company. These messages are forwarded to the internal chat of the company, where available users can respond promptly. This integration ensures real-time communication with website visitors, enhancing customer experience and engagement.

SMS Broadcast

The ability to send SMS messages to MVPN groups is a powerful feature of our platform. Administrators can select recipients individually or by group and schedule messages for immediate or future delivery. This ensures timely and effective communication with employees or customers.

Task Management

Efficient task management is crucial for productivity. Our MVPN service allows operators and group managers to create tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and schedule reminders. Users can also set personal tasks, ensuring they stay on top of their responsibilities.

Internal Chat

The internal chat hub within our MVPN service facilitates text communication among employees and administrators. This feature promotes real-time collaboration and quick information sharing within the organization.

Personal Call Identification

Differentiating between business and personal calls is made easy with the Personal Call Identification feature. By using a personal code prefix, calls can be classified as personal in the Call Detail Record (CDR), allowing for separate charging criteria. This ensures accurate billing and monitoring of call types.

Anonymous Call Rejection

The Anonymous Call Rejection feature enables users to decline calls from anonymous numbers, enhancing call security and privacy. Configurable announcements can inform callers when their calls are rejected, providing a professional touch to the process.

Direct Routing by Customer Assignment

Streamline customer interactions with the Direct Routing by Customer Assignment feature. Incoming calls to the company's general number are automatically routed to the assigned employee based on customer-employee linkage. If the assigned employee is unavailable, the call follows a predefined scenario, ensuring no call is missed.


Our MVPN service includes a comprehensive voicemail system. Unanswered calls are directed to voicemail, with messages stored in the user's dashboard and email notifications sent with a link to the voicemail. Administrators have access to all recordings, group managers to their group's recordings, and users to their own, ensuring efficient message management.

In conclusion, our MVPN service is designed to enhance communication efficiency and connectivity within organizations. With features like Company Prime Number, Caller ID Customization, Holding Branch, Numbering Plan, Preferred External Destination, Call Request via Plugin, Chatbot via Plugin, SMS Broadcast, Task Management, Internal Chat, Personal Call Identification, Anonymous Call Rejection, Direct Routing by Customer Assignment, and Voicemail, businesses can ensure seamless and professional communication both internally and externally.


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