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Message From CEO

Our New Logo

Many of you may have already noticed that Defne has a fresh new logo and appearance. This represents a critical turning point in our path toward a more promising future. While retaining the values the original Defne brand stood for, we wanted to reflect everything we have the ambition to become. As you can notice, changes are not limited to our logo. We have updated our website, social media platforms, message, and focus areas to better represent how we assist our customers in achieving their modernization and transformation goals.

Our Journey Up to Now

“Our core competence is our employees”

Our journey began with a vision to create the kind of company that provides cutting-edge products and solutions empowered by individuals and teams doing their best work, based on trust, honesty, openness, and courage. Since being established in 1996, Defne has accumulated tremendous experience in the telecommunications domain. We have directed our employees in Defne to gain several times the experience they could have obtained in other companies. This allowed them to experiment with numerous new technologies and advance faster in the industry. In fact, the basis of this was our knowledge, agility, and the courage we gave them, in putting forward very complex solutions that some of our competitors were afraid to undertake.

I express my gratitude to all of them.

“Our Customers”

We have become a reliable partner of world-class mobile network operators. Cooperating for more than 25 years with some of our customers, we have come a long way in providing solutions and services to them. The biggest factor in achieving this was the reliability, trust, honesty, and transparency towards our customers.

Our New Path

Today, in line with our customers' digital transformation goals, we are more product-oriented and better equipped than ever before. We are designing every product to be Cloud Native. We have put forward CNF-deployed solutions. We have revealed the CLI (Calling Line Identification) solution, which should operate flawlessly at very high transaction rates. In addition to various critical call filtering functions located at the center of the core network, we contributed to the achievement of our customer's goals in terms of more affordable use of both computing and operational resources.

“Our New Brand”

Transforming our existing products such as Roaming Suite as a Service (RaaS) and Ring Back Tone into multi-tenant and Cloud Native Functions was our initial step. We created the DiRoam brand in the roaming branch. With the introduction of 5G and the recent shutdowns of 2G/3G networks, the legacy roaming applications and business will be reshaped. Ensuring VoLTE roaming needs are offered more competitively, we have developed RaaS, which results in a significant OPEX reduction, especially for group operators, and brings a new perspective to the user experience.

Our New Slogan: “Future Proof Your Network with 5G Products”

As 5G technology looms, we are focusing on launching 5G core network products. SMS Function (SMSF) and Unified Data Management (UDM) are the two flagship 5G products we will be releasing in the very near future. Particularly with the exponential increase in IoT device usage, 5G networks demand high-capacity on-demand communications. Both products are designed as CNF, providing the communications and processing capacity a 5G network requires.

The New Message

We are evolving our business and expanding the very same technically skilled and dedicated team, to give you the best products, services, and solutions. Meanwhile, we will openly share our thoughts and approaches in the new era. You will find more insights as the blogs are posted on our social media accounts.

Follow our Linkedin Page and our showcase page DiRoam for upcoming news and blog posts.

Visit our new website to read more about each of the pillars if you want to know more about what we've accomplished so far.

At Defne, we take great pride in the work we accomplish. We are grateful to our clients, partners, and employees for journeying together in our odyssey.


Oğuz Haliloğlu



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