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Defne Receives R&D Center Certificate at the 7th Technology Development Zones and R&D Center

Defne’s R&D Center Certificate application to the Ministry of Industry and Technology under the ‘Law on Supporting Research and Development Activities for R&D Center’ was accepted after evaluation and audit processes. On November 19th, Defne received its R&D Center Certificate from the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank at the 7th Technology Development Zones and R&D Centers Award Ceremony held at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce Congress Center.

Defne Receives R&D Center Certificate

In addition to Minister Varank, Deputy Ministers Mehmet Fatih Kaçır, Çetin Ali Dönmez, Hasan Büyükdeniz, National Defense Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere, TUBITAK President Hasan Mandal, President of the Turkish Standards Institute Adam Sahin, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority President Habib Asan, Turkey Space Agency President Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, and R&D and innovation ecosystem companies attended ceremony. This year, at the ceremony 39 companies received awards in 13 categories and 735 different companies including Defne awarded R&D Center Certificates. Halit Deniz, Board Member and Assistant General Manager in charge of Finance, who attended the ceremony on behalf of Defne received the R&D Center Certificate from Minister Varank.

Oguz Haliloglu, CEO at Defne commented, “Information and communication sector is the driving force of economic growth. R&D and innovation incentives and supports applied here are very valuable. As a company that develops software for the rapidly developing telecom sector, we have to invest in R&D, update our existing products according to market needs and continue to innovate new products. R&D is essential for our company to continue its growth and to remain a leader in the market. That is why, we are constantly researching, developing and applying new technologies. We are always working on introducing new technologies in order to improve our product range and expand our global market share. We are pleased to have received the ministerial approval and certificate for our R&D center.”

Defne Receives R&D Center Certificate

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