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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Play a Key Role in Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Use of AI in Customer Experience Management Will Bring Mobile Operators Key Advantage

Istanbul, Turkey – September 15, 2017 – Defne (

With Apple’s Siri, Amazon Tap’s Alexa and chatbots on websites paved the way for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to start integrating into a multitude of business and customer facing applications and everyday devices. We believe that this is only the beginning and artificial intelligence will make a lot more impact in our daily lives especially when used in customer experience management. In that sense, mobile operators will benefit the most.

Oguz Haliloglu, CEO at Defne said, “If we look at today’s mobile operators, they have implemented all the good technologies; new call centers, new services, new applications, and upgraded their network with automation tools and environments. However, although these may have reduced operational costs, their customer experience management has suffered. Fragmented departments and systems, difficulty integrating data across multiple channels and customer touch points, and the lack of personalization and data quality have hindered customer engagement and satisfaction. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a great opportunity for mobile operators to introduce intelligent, predictive, scalable and more personalized engagement with the subscribers improving customer experience and increasing satisfaction.” For the operator, AI can improve a lot of areas in a subscribers’ journey on the mobile network:

  • Subscriber self-service

  • Personalized services

  • Predictive services/offers

  • New service innovation

  • Augmented customer representatives

Today, mobile operators are facing the problem of losing VAS and voice revenues to their OTT competitors and slowly turning into a “simple carrier”. This trend leaves them with two ways to fight competition and stay in the game to capture more revenues from their subscribers – Quality and Price. Sitting on these two main factors are the services they offer to their subscribers. With the rise of the OTT players and the mobile apps, these services are like trees losing their leaves in autumn where mobile operators are losing their service edge to competition. Use of Artificial Intelligence, whether predictive or not, will prolong this inevitable end and keep their subscribers loyal on their network. Properly implemented AI will help mobile operators to analyze and learn trends about subscriber behavior and needs far better than methods used today by data scientist. This will enable them to come up with new services, personalization areas and enhancement in customer touch points that they can’t even think about today. While bringing new data points to the table, AI will also enable innovation of advanced services and personalized marketing of these new services. Use of SON like new technologies to improve network operations will reduce operational/capital expenses but use of customer centric AI will enable mobile operators to increase revenues and keep operator services live and subscribers loyal by:

  • Analyzing, segmenting and profiling their subscriber data like the OTT players

  • Collecting all this data and selling them like Google, Facebook, etc.

  • Generating more revenues

  • Keeping operator services live and subscribers loyal


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