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Defne Supports Network Operators’ Cloud Transformation

With Innovative ‘VAS on Cloud’ Solutions, Defne Adds Value to Telco Operators’ Business and Fuels Revenue Generation

Barcelona, Spain– February 24, 2017 – Defne (, a leading provider of telecom solutions, today announced that its value added services (VAS) portfolio including call management, marketing, messaging, roaming, filtering, OSS/BSS and enterprise solutions now support cloud-based architecture. Offered on highly secure cloud infrastructure, Defne’s innovative ‘VAS on Cloud’ solutions add value to network operators’ cloud transformation efforts and fuel revenue generation.

“The use of cloud computing is gaining momentum in the telecommunications industry and among companies in all almost all industries globally. Moving to cloud infrastructure allows cost savings and business agility,” said Oguz Haliloglu, CEO at Defne. “We are always looking for ways to support the strategic initiative of our network operator and enterprise customers. With our ‘VAS on Cloud’ solutions we are now helping network operators and companies stay ahead of their competition with faster time-to-market of their services while maintaining a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduced OPEX and CAPEX of hardware, software, and communications infrastructure purchases and maintenance.”

Defne’s innovative VAS solutions on cloud infrastructure offer the following benefits:

  • High Security and High Accessibility - Solutions are offered over real cloud architecture with high performance enterprise-class cloud server, cloud storage, high security network infrastructure, and virtual servers as needed

  • Real-time Vertical Dimensioning and Scaling – Without any manual intervention, processor and memory capacity can be increased or decreased in real-time depending on use of the solutions. Network operators get the full performance they need at the lowest possible spending

  • Infrastructure Management – Tracking the use of solutions and infrastructure, interfering in case of problems, updates, upgrades, and managing other necessary maintenance/operations activities are regularly performed by expert Defne staff. This reduces OPEX for network operators and enterprises allowing them to focus their efforts and budgets to strategic activities

  • Faster Time-to-Market – In addition to lowering CAPEX/OPEX, VAS on cloud-based architecture allow network operators to bring their services to market and change as necessary much faster

  • Support for On-premise, SaaS (Software as a Service) and CaaS (Communication as a Service) business models

Defne will be showcasing its Intelligent Marketing Platform along with its differentiated portfolio of “VAS on Cloud” solutions including call management, messaging, roaming, filtering, OSS/BSS and enterprise products at Mobile World Congress 2017.

Meet Defne Executives for a demo of Intelligent Marketing Platform at:

  • Mobile World Congress 2017, February 25 – March 2, Stand 5G20 in Hall 5, Barcelona, Spain

Defne’s online press kit for MWC 2017 is available at


Download Defne Corporate Fact Sheet

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