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Intelligent and Safe Evacuation in Smart Buildings

Safe and Sound Intelligent Evacuation

On 14 October 2016, Erhan Ermisoglu, Project Manager for BaaS at Defne made a presentation about the successful EU funded "Building as a Service (BaaS) – Smart Buildings" project at the PMI Summit Istanbul, Projects in Digital World. He presented the objectives, engineering methodologies, business value, service model and Intelligent Evacuation service scenario of BaaS and the market perspective for Smart Buildings.

Defne at PMI Summit Istanbul

About BaaS

BaaS, Building as a Service, targets the need for comprehensive and open cross-domain management and control services in today’s buildings. It aims at integrating all systems within a building such as heating, air-conditioning, lighting, video surveillance, fire detection, safety and security, etc. while also providing easy, cost-effective and uniform access to them. In addition to the increased comfort, energy efficiency, safety and innovative services it brings to buildings, the BaaS project also provides an opportunity for IT companies to play part in the building management and automation market. When data flow is achieved among all building systems integrated under BaaS, the collected data can be made available to all players (data analysts, data operators, etc., or in case of emergency, to emergency help services) for the development of innovative value-added services.

In cases of fire, earthquake, heavy storm, flooding and other types of disasters, it is critical to have an efficient centralized evacuation service in place in order to immediately alert inhabitants of enterprise buildings. Intelligent Evacuation Service detects emergency alarms from the sensors placed in the building and provides evacuation alerts to individuals based on their location. It informs them where to go through digital signages and voice broadcast services. At any point during evacuation, it provides emergency help services with information on the total number of people inside and their location as well as signals in case anyone is not going to the correct evacuation exit. Intelligent Evacuation services are crucial for end users’ security and safety in buildings!

Safe and Sound Intelligent Evacuation


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