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Transforming Data-Driven Services through Defne's Mobile Positioning Platform

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of Defne's Mobile Positioning Platform, empowering users to pinpoint the precise locations of mobile devices within a telecom network. In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, data is the new gold, and its importance cannot be overstated. With the dawn of the 5G era and the proliferation of IoT devices, the need for precise location data has become paramount. Defne's Mobile Positioning System (MPP) is here to meet this need head-on, delivering unparalleled accuracy in 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Let's explore how Defne MPP is poised to transform various sectors, from finance and retail to tourism, and even critical public services.

Empowering Public Services:

Defne MPP is not just about business growth; it's also about saving lives and enhancing public safety. Ercan Fincan, CTO of Defne, emphasizes the system's potential in this regard: "By closely monitoring the needs of the government and the private sector, Defne has developed the positioning platform to provide essential information required in disaster situations and other public safety threats."

Emergency Dispatch: Defne MPP enables emergency responders to pinpoint the location of mobile devices swiftly, saving lives during critical situations.

Mass-Emergency Management: Public safety officials can react to mass-emergency situations with unparalleled accuracy by monitoring location information through Defne MPP.

Public Warning: Augmenting existing emergency management technologies, Defne MPP provides precise location-based warnings, improving effectiveness and reducing redundant alerts.

Unlocking Business Potential:

With mobility data becoming the driving force in today's world, Defne MPP is at the forefront of data-driven services. Ercan Fincan explains, "Mobility data is the name of the game. As the era of 5G networks and IoT rolls in, Defne MPP will be contributing to data-driven services, revolutionizing markets in sectors such as Banking, Retail, and Tourism."

Fintech & Banking: Defne MPP enhances security for high-value transactions and aids in fraud detection through AI, safeguarding fintech operations.

Retail: Precise location data allows retail companies to send tailored offers and advertisements based on user locations, enabling customer behavior analytics.

Tourism: Travel companies can predict customer preferences and market accordingly by analyzing travel data from mobile subscribers.

Selective Queries: Users can perform selective queries, applying specific criteria to the data they need.

Maximizing Business Potential: By adapting mobile positioning to fit unique requirements, Defne MPP ensures that metadata remains accurate, avoiding misleading decisions.

Innovative Positioning Techniques:

Defne MPP's use of advanced positioning techniques, including Timing Advance, Round-Trip Time (RTT), and Angle of Arrival (AoA), forms the basis for precise mobile location tracking. These techniques have far-reaching applications in both public safety functions and marketing opportunities.

Defne's Mobile Positioning System is more than just a solution; it's a catalyst for transformation in various sectors. As data continues to drive our world, Defne MPP's accuracy and customizability are poised to revolutionize how businesses operate, enhance public safety, and provide critical insights for future growth. With its innovative positioning techniques, Defne MPP is paving the way for the data-driven future.


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