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Defne Launches Pubwarn

Istanbul, January 2023

“After a successful tenure in telecom, Defne is now venturing into other domains with its cloud service, PubWarn. This service has the potential to unlock the new worlds of convenience and opportunities”, Oğuz Haliloğlu, CEO, Defne.

Defne’s new Cloud Service: PubWarn

As Defne, we have provided services and software to many telecom operators for their communication infrastructure. We are now taking a step into other industries by adding a new approach and vision to this long adventure. We aim to serve many sectors with our new product PubWarn, some of them are airports, airlines, healthcare, factories, and information technologies.

What exactly is PubWarn and what does it seek?

PubWarn is a public cloud-based multitenant platform where companies and enterprises can execute pre-defined notification plans in case of emergency or certain events. The complete process where a predefined scenario of notification will be activated and run is called an alarm and can be initiated either manually or triggered by an event. PubWarn is capable of doing mass calls, sending mass SMS, emails, and push notifications for mobile apps in a massive manner.

Our Purpose :

Until now, Defne has focused on the telecom world, serving this sector. However, we are now turning our direction to other fields and futures with our new cloud service, PubWarn. We aim to produce solutions, especially in sectors where the society is active and operations such as airports and refineries. As Defne, we know and observe that communication and early warning are vital in these industries, even critical in some circumstances.

Some Incidents :

Aircraft Accident Inside/Outside: In case of airplane crashes inside or outside, an emergency notification is needed to reach numerous responsible groups and many people quickly. In such emergencies, PubWarn can notify everybody directly in the shortest time.

Fires in Refineries: A refinery fire is frequently the consequence of a combination of circumstances. Poor maintenance, risky processes, incorrectly kept chemicals, inadequate labeling, faulty valves, or electrical risks are frequently to blame. PubWarn can alert workers and first responders to explosions within the refinery, enabling them to evacuate the area, shelter in designated safe areas, and respond to the incident.

The New Message

To bring you the finest products, services, and solutions, we're evolving our business and expanding our team of experienced and devoted professionals. We are committed to being open and transparent about our thoughts and ideas as we enter this new era. To learn more, make sure you're following us on social media - we'll be regularly posting blogs packed with insights!"

Stay up-to-date with upcoming news and blog posts by following PubWarn and our Linkedin Page. If you're interested in knowing what we've been up to, check out our new website where you can read more about each of the pillars we support

Defne is immensely proud of its achievements and expresses its immense gratitude to its clients, partners, and employees for their valuable contributions on the journey.


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