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30 questions to ask before purchasing a Ring Back Tone Platform - Part 1

1. Does Defne RBT solution support called Ring Back Tone and Caller (Reverse) Ring Back Tone? Describe the solution flow for the features

Yes, Defne RBT platform supports both Called and Called (Reverse) RBT. Both features can be utilized by subscribers simultaneously. Subscribers can set play rules for both Called RBT and Reverse RBT separately. However, to realize the Reverse RBT feature, the operator MSC/CSCF should be able to send INVITE requests for originating calls of an RBT subscriber to the MGF(RBT).

2. What are the supported business models?

Defne RBT supports both subscription and content-charging business models. In the subscription model, subscribers pay a monthly fee and use all the content free of charge. This business model is preferred mainly by operators who have a digital content base. The content charging model is preferred by the operators who work with content providers in the revenue share model.

3. Does the solution support a multi-product domain?

Yes, Defne RBT can employ multiple services with different business models and tariffs. One of the well-known products is “My Status”. This feature allows operators to work with different content providers that work with different business models.

4. Does the solution support CNF deployment?

Yes, Defne RBT supports CNF, VNF, and hybrid deployment models.

5. Does the solution has inbuilt CMS? Describe the inbuilt architecture.

Yes, Defne RBT Platform has an inbuilt content management portal to allow content providers/content managers to manage their content and content tariffs. Content Providers/Managers can Add/Delete/Update Genres, Artists, Albums, Tones, Music Discs/Music Packages, as well as their attributes in accordance with their permissions. Each content provider can only access and manage their own content. Once the content is added, Defne RBT automatically creates two media files and stores them in a different folder on NFS/SAN/NAS. The first folder includes the original quality contents to utilize the high-quality audio file to be previewed/ listened to on Mobile App or Web Portal, and transcoded format (PCM) of the audio files on another folder to be utilized on the user plane/network calls. Content managers/Admin accept or reject the added/deleted/updated content by viewing the attributes of (an added) content or changes on the attributes of updated content. Content providers may export the metadata of their contents to an excel sheet. They have an opportunity to bulk add/delete/update content by uploading an excel sheet that includes the metadata of the contents on the content management portal. They may also perform content operations by using relevant RESTful API methods.

6. Do you have Tone gifting/Recommendations?

Yes, Defne RBT has a tone gifting feature. A gift option is available on channels. The basic service flow is as follows; Once a subscriber (A party) gives a tone to another subscriber (B party), Defne RBT reserves the charge amount from A party while informing the B party with an SMS notification and expecting the B party to approve it within 24 hours. Once the B party accepts the gift, A party is charged for the reserved amount and the tone is automatically installed on B Party’s personal list. B party is charged for the renewals. Micro-charging is not applied for gifted content. Defne RBT checks the subscription status of B party before reserving the charge amount from A Party. If the B party is a home subscriber but not an RBT subscriber, Defne RBT auto provisions the B party. If the gift is not accepted by the B Party, then Defne RBT cancels the subscription on both the RBT platform and BSS systems.

7- Do you offer Corporate RBT? Provide a short description of the feature and how it's incorporated.

Yes, Defne RBT provides a Corporate administration user interface. A corporate administrator can create departments, add employees/users under a department, and manage corporate employees. Corporate admin can add new employees by filling out a form or as bulk by uploading a list of employees with an excel file that has a downloadable template. Corporates are created, and then, their contents are added and assigned to the corporate by content providers or RBT admin users. Corporate admin can preview the contents belonging to their organization and create several playlists/play rules for each department or individual user. Corporate content is isolated from regular branded content and can not be purchased by regular subscribers. Corporate contents are not listed on Mobil App/Web portal as a result of a content search.

8. Does the solution have a smart rating and charging capability including micro-billing? Describe how this is offered in an integration flow.

Yes, custom solutions are provided for rating and micro-charging requirements. Several content tariffs are created on the RBT platform and each content is associated with a certain tariff. Content/subscription tariff and its micro-charging steps along with the content validity period(in days) are configured in the Admin panel.

If we call this particular tariff “14 cents 30 Days”, it means that the subscriber will be able to use the content for 30 days if she is successfully charged 14 cents. In case of insufficient balance, Defne RBT will try the next micro-charging steps one by one until one of those listed steps is successful. For instance, let’s suppose that the subscriber is charged 2 cents, then Defne RBT will insert the content into the subscriber’s personal library for only two days.

On the other hand, content providers can assign an initial purchase tariff to content while selecting another tariff for its renewal. It provides flexibility to content providers in their sales activities. They can offer content for free of charge at the initial purchase for a short period, then renewed to be performed at another tariff.

9. Do you offer dynamic IVR?

Yes, Defne RBT offers Dynamic IVR. The administrator/Marketing Manager manages the IVR categories as well as the contents in each category on Admin UI. It is also possible to offer best sellers, best of the week, or promoted content as an option in the IVR menu. Defne RBT calculates the statistical data and provides the content metadata thru Rest API. Defne IVR application also supports generating DIY content and the Gift RBT feature.

10. Does the solution have social media integration?

Yes, Defne RBT provides Facebook and Twitter integration. Once a subscriber clicks on the share on Facebook/Twitter icon on the WEB Portal/Mobile App, Content Metadata and description are posted to her wall.

11. Does the solution have integrated Advertising RBT?

Yes, Defne RBT supports the AD RBT function. However, we evolved it to P-RBT. With the P-RBT feature we target to ignite new communications channels for enterprises, government agencies, and NGOs; Let them cut through the noise and catch the attention of their target audience when they are most alert and listening when they are already on the call; Let government agencies send out critical info, cultural news and mayoral announcements to their constituents and their callers through P-RBT. A few use cases are listed as follows;

Mayoral/Presidential Message;

  • Key success stories

  • New year greeting

  • City-wide initiatives

  • Celebratory announcements for key dates


  • Fundraising message

  • Concerts/Theaters

  • Merchandise Sales

  • Celebratory announcements for key dates

  • New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, World Cleanup Day, World Peace Day, etc.

  • Volunteer News

  • Meeting times

  • Outdoor activities

12. Describe all the user channels offered in the solution including WEB, WAP, USSD, IVR, mobile app etc.

Defne RBT offers WEB, Mobile App, USSD, SMS, IVR, and Outbound IVR Channels. We provide customized solutions on all the listed channels to keep the existing user experience. WEB Portal and Mobil App are customized to tailor the brand identity of the operator.

13. Does Defne RBT detailed and automated Reporting system including artist, CP partner report, and micro-billing? The reports should be near real-time. Detail the reporting system proposed for the solution.

Defne RBT platform generates Call (CDR) and Event Data Records (EDR) that include all calls and provisioning/charging events generated by subscribers. Content metadata as well as the CDRs and EDRs are stored and automatically indexed. As a result, various business reports such as service activation, deactivation, tone purchase, total revenue by content provider/by channel, and technical KPIs such as Call Setup Time, Mean Holding Time, BHCA/s, Media Resource Capacity Utilization are generated on the platform and accessed on Administrator Portal in real-time.

14. Does the RBT solution have an automatic format conversion inbuilt tool and offer high-quality format RBTs? List and describe the media formats offered.

Once the content is added, Defne RBT automatically creates two media files and stores them in a different folder on NFS/SAN/NAS. The first folder includes the original quality contents (MP3, Wav) to utilize the high-quality audio file to be previewed/ listened to on Mobile App or Web Portal, and transcoded format (PCM) of the audio files on another folder to be utilized on user plane/network calls.

15. Do you have RBT pre-listening feature for ranked e.g Top Ten, genre, all tunes?

Yes, Defne RBT has various pre-listening options for the following items:

· Melody of the Day

· Favourite Artist Melodies

· Best Sellers (Defne RBT calculates the bestselling content and provides it through API/ portal and Mobile App)

· Best of the Week (Defne RBT calculates the best of the Week contents and provides it through API/ portal and Mobile App)

· The most used contents (Defne RBT calculates the most used the Week contents and provides it through API/ portal and Mobile App)

· The most Given Contents (Defne RBT calculates the stats of gift contents and provides it through API/ portal and Mobile App)

· Genre Contents

· Top 10 contents

· Promoted Contents

· Configurable Tags/Categories

· Pre-listening to search results (All Tunes)


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