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Defne’s Ringback Tone (RBT) Solution Deployed in European Mobile Operator Network

Defne's Solution Revives Ringback Tone Trend in Europe with New Innovative Features

Istanbul, Turkey – August 10, 2017 – Defne (, a leading provider of telecom solutions, today announced that a European mobile operator selected its Ringback Tone (RBT) solution to be deployed in its network. With innovative features, Defne’s Ringback Tone solution will enable mobile operator’s subscribers to replace the traditional ringing tones, that their callers hear before a call is connected, with audio clips ranging from bites of hit songs, movie dialogues and corporate advertisements to customized greetings and recorded messages.

With advanced features added to Defne’s Ringback Tone Solution, subscribers can easily personalize their daily communications by selecting, assigning, sharing and gifting individual RBTs to their callers with a single touch. The ability to easily customize their communications increases customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting in revenue growth for the operator.

“Digitalization is affecting our daily lives and has increased demand for personalized mobile value added services. Thus, we have seen a revival in the global RBT market and a growing interest in our Ringback Tone solution,” said Oguz Haliloglu, CEO at Defne. “In the past year, we deployed our RBT and Background Music solutions in the network of mobile operators from five different regions. The self-marketing feature of our RBT solution that allows subscribers to purchase audio content with a single touch has improved service awareness and interest. On the operator side, the new monitoring capabilities of the solution and support of revenue share business model has made deployments and subscriber pick up faster.”

With Defne’s Ringback Tone solution subscribers can:

  • Personalize their communications with a variety of high quality audio content ranging from music to recorded messages

  • Select individual ringback tones for each of their callers or a group of caller through Web, SMS and IVR channels

  • Search and download the audio content they want based on a variety of parameters including artist, song, album, category, etc.

  • Specify different audio content for their callers based on date, day and/or time Gift music content to other subscribers

  • Easily purchase the RBT of another subscriber on the same mobile network and select it as their own RBT by simply typing *

  • Create Blacklists and Whitelists and select the callers who will listen to an RBT and not

In addition, subscribers can easily create an account and assign/send a song/jingle to a caller or groups of callers through the Web interface. Corporate subscribers can use the service to play their own advertisements jingles to their callers and increase their brand awareness.

Defne’s Ringback Tone solution supports multiple payment models, whether it is subscription based, per-transaction based, or combination of both. The solution has the capacity and the carrier grade availability to serve the mobile operator’s entire subscriber base and both individual and corporate subscriber numbers are increasing rapidly.


Download Defne Corporate Fact Sheet

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