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Virtual PBX For SMEs Without Any Investment Costs

Defne’s Virtual PBX to Strengthen Brand Image for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Istanbul, Turkey – December 1, 2015 – Defne (, a leading provider of call center solutions in Turkey, announced today that it is offering mobile operators an innovative Virtual PBX solution targeted for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Utilized without any upfront investment, Virtual PBX offers the traditional operator/call center capability at reduced operational costs, and strengthens an SMEs corporate branding and business capabilities.

Through the secure Virtual PBX platform, mobile operators are able to serve hundreds of SMEs at the same time. SMEs can purchase their Virtual PBX service from mobile operators as monthly or yearly packages according to their business needs. Utilizing the Virtual PBX, SMEs are able bring all of their offices at different locations, employees and customers together under a virtual environment.

The Virtual PBX platform reduces operational costs for SMEs and guides the caller/user through a smart IVR menu to connect to the requested department or an employee whether in or outside of the office, leave a message, or listen to a message left.

Oguz Haliloglu, CEO at Defne commented, “For businesses with less than 10 employees, the cost of a traditional PBX is quite high compared to the business scale. The main advantages of the Virtual PBX platform are that it does not require an upfront PBX investment and that it reduces operational costs. Without limiting the work environment to a single physical office location, the Virtual PBX platform offers SMEs an effective communications environment by bringing together all internal extensions on the same system even if they are in different buildings, cities or companies. In addition, SMEs can also add their employee’s mobile numbers as an extension to the system.”

Haliloglu also added, “Due to costs, many SMEs do not have a front desk or a central operator/secretary function to respond to incoming calls and inquiries. As such, often incoming calls are answered by those with insufficient knowledge of the business or not answered at all because there is no one available in the office. In addition to loss of prestige, this leads to loss of potential business opportunities. In such cases, the Virtual PBX service goes into effect and offers great advantages; it protects the SMEs corporate image and ensures customers reach the right person within the company at all times by transferring the incoming calls to the related mobile numbers as an internal extension.”

Voice call routing over the intelligent IVR menu, recording and sending caller’s message, playback of messages left, ability to review call details in real time with user id and password can be listed as the main features of the Virtual PBX system.


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