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7.8 Million Euro Funded EU BaaS Project Nears Final Stage

Valencia, Spain home to the yearly evaluation meeting for the EU BaaS project where Turkish Technology companies including Defne Telekomunikasyon, KoçSistem, Bor Yazılım and SmartSoft are taking part in, and which aims to utilize the completed Open Building Service Platform to develop innovative services that improve comfort and efficiency in buildings

Istanbul, Turkey – November 12, 2015 – The BaaS (Building as a Service) project was approved in 2013 under the EU ITEA2 (Information Technology for European Advancement) framework and it is supported in by TÜBİTAK TEYDEB in Turkey. ITEA2 management has dedicated a budget of 7.8 Million Euros for the BaaS project. All the stakeholders of the BaaS project met in Valencia, Spain on November 12, 2015 to assess the accomplishments to date.

On behalf of Defne Telekomunikasyon (Defne), Project Manager Erhan Ermisoglu attended the meeting and gave a presentation on the BaaS Value Network. During the meeting, participants discussed the current stage of how the value-added exchange between data analysts, data operators, solution providers, building management companies and valu-added service providers will take place.

Erhan Ermisoglu


The BaaS Open Building Service Platform infrastructure development has been completed and the project entered the next phase in which value-added services will be implemented. Defne is responsible from the evacuation scenario, one of the most complicated and advanced scenarios and it will also be implemented during this new stage. As part of its Defne Academy initiative, Defne is collaborating with the ITU (Istanbul Technical University) Electronics and Communication Engineering Department under the Faculty of Electrical-Electronic Engineering for the development of the evacuation scenario. Defne is responsible from ensuring the compatibility of legacy equipment with BaaS, the secure flow of data, implementation of services in the evacuation scenario and, last but not the least, the publication of the project results. At this stage, Defne is playing a key role in increasing the effectiveness of the whole scenario by simulating the roles of players like data analysts, value-added service providers, and data operators throughout the project.

Defne’s German and Spanish partners in the BaaS project are working on the implementation of other scenarios like, lighting, building automation, and smart room.


By utilizing the Open Building Service Platform, the EU BaaS project aims at developing innovative services and making them available to all parties over the cloud. With this cloud-based approach, all systems within a building such as heating-cooling, lighting, fire detection, and security will integrate with each other much more easily and cost-effectively. As a result, an average of 6% energy productivity is expected to be realized in all smart buildings.

In addition to the increased comfort, energy efficiency, safety and innovative services it brings to buildings, the EU BaaS project also provides an opportunity for IT companies to play a part in the building management and automation market. When data flow is achieved among all building systems integrated under BaaS, the collected data will be made available to all players (data analysts, data operators, etc.) for the development of innovative value-added services.


The Turkish Consortium working on the ITEA2 BaaS project is involved in the development of almost all of the work packages. It is carrying out the leadership role for the work package 4 and is taking an active role in all of the development activities by partnering with international well known firms and universities. The BaaS project with a total funding of 7.8 Million Euros is scheduled to be completed by October 31, 2016.

More information on BaaS – Building as a Service Project can be found at


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