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RingBack Tone (RBT)


RingBack Tone

Callers are bored of listening to the beep beep caller tunes that they hear when waiting for a call to connect. Defne's RingBack Tone (RBT) solution enables subscribers to pre-set their favorite melody/tunes to play to their callers while waiting instead of the standard dialing tone. It enriches the communications with audio content for call set up and lets the caller listen to a personalized melody or a popular tune instead of the standard ring back tones. 

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Drives Revenue:

    • Generates subscription fee 

    • Can be deployed as a third party service

    • Easy-to-use service with a hot offer via IVR/SMS/USSD or predefined shortcodes and prefixes

    • All-embracing service that can be used by both post and pre-paid subscribers

  • Personalized: Users enjoy the benefit of expressing their individuality by selecting their own personal melody as a caller tune

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction:

    • Enhances subscriber communications experience and reduces churn

    • Ability to integrate with mobile marketing solutions to offer adverts

    • Self-marketing features boost service penetration

  • Interoperability: Seamlessly integrates with call completion solutions and existing billing systems

  • Advanced Functions: Subscription, Charging, and Content Provider modules

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