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Filtering Solutions

Filtering Solutions


Defne’s Filtering Solutions provide subscribers ease of mind for safe and uncluttered communications. It eliminates unsolicited calls and messages from a third party and flooding of SMS messages sent by an originating network. Filtering Solutions allow the user to define filters based on blacklists and whitelists and also analyze message volume history for spikes in message traffic based on historical averages.


Defne's Filtering Solutions offer the following applications:

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Reduces Churn and Increases Customer Loyalty: Increases subscribers' satisfaction by eliminating unwanted calls and improving communications.

  • Drives Revenue: Increases revenue by enabling operators to provide fee-based and differentiated service offerings to subscribers.

  • Increases Security:  Protects the network from spam voice and SMS traffic and makes it more secure.

  • Protective: Increases network protection by matching all unconventional number types to blacklists through number normalization.

  • Intuitive:  Easy-to-use and does not require comprehensive subscriber education. Reduces time-to-market effort.

  • Reduces Cost of Ownership: Feature rich, cost and resource effective solutions that improve network usage efficiency.

  • World-class Managed Services: The solutions are backed-up with Defne's proven professional and managed services.





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