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SMS Filtering

SMS Filtering 


Defne’s SMS Filtering solution enables mobile operators to manage and eliminate spoofed, fake and spam SMS that is a growing threat to mobile networks, annoys subscribers and potentially leads to loss of revenue and high churn rates. Spam SMS Filtering solution is a comprehensive and scalable carrier-grade anti-spam SMS system that provides sophisticated protection against unsolicited SMS, malicious attacks, and fraud.

Often spam SMS originates from foreign networks or applications and Defne’s SMS Filtering solution blocks all types of unwanted and harmful traffic on the network making it more secure and safe. At the same time, the solution protects subscribers from receiving spoofed, unwanted/spam short messages originating from off-net networks by applying advanced filtering rules based on service center and originator center settings, as well as, SMS content. Various filters can be combined to build up more complex rules. In order to apply the rules, the solution intercepts target SMS traffic before it reaches mobile terminals.


The SMS Filtering solution provides mobile operators with a safe spam-free roaming and messaging environment that their subscribers can trust, while reducing complaints due to unsolicited messages.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Real-time message traffic monitoring that releases bandwidth for network optimization and revenue generating SMS traffic

  • Increases revenue by enabling operators to provide differentiated service offerings to subscribers

  • Protects the network from spam SMS traffic and malicious virus attacks and makes it more secure

  • Reduces churn and increases subscribers' satisfaction by eliminating spam messages and improving communications

  • Prevents revenue leakage due to spoofing and spam

  • Addresses regulatory requirements by enforcing bulk SMS business owners to cooperate with operator's bulk SMS business unit

  • Easy-to-use platform interface for provisioning and configuring filtering rules





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