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Defne Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) Solution

Defne Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) Solution

During emergency situations such as an approaching storm (tsunami in some regions), earthquake, fire, transportation disasters, war, disease or other crises that affect the well-being of mass citizens, government officials need a high-performance alert message notification system to inform the civilians and secure their safety. With wide use of mobile handsets, wireless networks provide an attractive opportunity for delivering mass alerts and warnings, complementing other mechanisms used such as TV and radio. Mobile phones are generally kept close at hand in a variety of settings; their users can be reached on the street, in automobiles, and at home or at work, and audio alerts can even awaken people when they are sleeping. Also, the ability to target messages based on a cell phone’s actual location makes it possible to target those individuals who would be most at risk in a crisis more precisely. As such many governments around the world have launched PWS (Public Warning System that works on CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System) structure) in LTE as a regulatory program that mobile networks operators must comply with. The objective of PWS is to make sure that the president and various branches of government responsible for the order, safety, and security of citizens can alert and warn the public in cases of emergency. Defne’s Cell Broadcast solution is a telco-grade mobile alert notification system that operators can rely upon to comply with regulatory requirements and government officials can rely upon to secure the well-being of their citizens.

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