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SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway


Rapid growth of text message exchange beyond borders is placing pressure on mobile operators to rethink the way they handle international mobile interoperability. Mobile operators need to deploy a solution that increases their global SMS coverage across all GSM networks and that keeps their subscribers happy while reducing the heavy operational costs of maintaining bi-lateral agreements.


Defne's SMS Gateway solution solves this problem by offering a highly efficient and scalable hub that exchanges the international SMS traffic between operators and allows them to significantly expand the reach of their SMS services by simplifying their interworking arrangements. The SMSGateway can also co-exist with other SMS hubs.


It eliminates the need for multiple bi-lateral agreements. It enables mobile operators to reduce the complexity and the cost of managing SMS interworking agreements by sending and receiving all international SMS traffic through a single connection.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Drives Revenue: Allows operators to significantly expand their SMS service reach globally and generates new revenue streams.

  • Reduces Operational Costs: Carrier-grade interconnection system supporting global messaging network reach through a single interface.

  • Customer Loyalty:  Increases subscribers' satisfaction by enabling them to send and receive messages globally to a larger network coverage.

  • Intelligent SMS Routing: A multi-PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) solution that allows the hub operator to manage all international traffic to and from each mobile operator separately.

  • Efficient Global Interoperability: Facilitates the delivery of two-way international SMS messaging in a reduced time and at least costs to more subscribers, of more mobile networks, in more countries.

  • Network Optimization:  Efficiently handles SMS traffic to cope with complex flows and high load scenarios. It allows the routing and optimization of traffic across multiple SMSC's in the global mobile network flexibly.

  • Message Broker Architecture: For quick and easy scalability on network.





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