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Defne's Call Completion Suite: Dialing Up Success with Unmatched Strengths

Defne's Call Completion Suite (CCS) includes Voicemail and Notification services, such as Missed Call Alert (MCA) and Notify Call (NC), along with sub-services. Voicemail (VMS) is a subscription-based service that allows the calling party to send voicemails when phones are off or unavailable. MCA notifies subscribers with ‘Who have called’ messages when their phones are back online. Notify Call, on the other hand, logs all call attempts and alerts the called subscribers with microcalls when they become reachable again. Entire service flows can be customized by the operator's technical teams, and the system scalability is nearly linear with the addition of new servers.

By utilizing MCA and NC services, operators can boost call traffic and revenue. Users benefit from detailed missed call notifications, including caller numbers, call times, and the number of call attempts. Choosing Defne's CCS leads to reduced OPEX, enhanced service flexibility, and investment protection for operators.

Effortless Change Request Handling and Significant OPEX Reduction

Call Completion Suite features a specialized Service Creation Environment (SCE) designed specifically for each served operator, making change requests effortless and reducing reliance on vendor resources. This approach leads to significant OPEX reduction, enabling operators to adapt swiftly to customer demands and market trends. It enhances agility, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Below, the user interface of the Service Creation environment is given.

How does it work?

  • The SIEL-SCE streamlines service orchestration, handling logic execution, queries, and updates.

  • Administrators can easily modify and test service flows within the SCE for USSD, SMS, or IVR before deploying them.

  • The SCE includes components like voice, SMS, USSD, APIs, and logic gates, offering a versatile toolkit.

  • Operators gain full control over customization, reducing reliance on external providers and saving time and resources.

Elevating SMS Personalization with TMF Open APIs for Efficient Advertising

CCS provides the option of utilizing TM Forum OPEN APIs, which will enhance and personalize the SMS messages by offering seamless integration with various TM Forum Open APIs such as TMF 620, TMF 637, TMF 629, TMF 632, and more. With this capability, it is possible to effortlessly extract external product catalog and customer information data from the Business Support System (BSS) via TMF open APIs.

By using placeholders aligned with TM Forum Open APIs, this platform enhances interoperability and smooth data exchange between systems, simplifying business-subscriber connections and streamlining communication. Compatibility with TM Forum Open APIs introduces flexibility and efficiency to message personalization, enabling businesses to deliver highly targeted and impactful SMS communications while seamlessly integrating with external systems. This elevated level of customization ensures a more engaging and relevant user experience, strengthening the effectiveness of advertising and promotions.

For instance:

"Dear {}, You can purchase {}, providing {BSS.productCharacteristic[dataVolume].value} data usage for a limited time at a cost of {BSS.product.price}. Click here to confirm."

  • {}: Subscriber's name is pulled from BSS Party Management via TMF 632.

  • {}: Service name is retrieved from BSS Product Inventory via TMF 637.

  • {BSS.productCharacteristic[dataVolume].value}: The eligible usage period is sourced from BSS Product Catalog via TMF 620.

  • {BSS.productPrice.price}: Usage costs are extracted from BSS Product Inventory via TMF 637.

The result is a message like:

"Dear John Doe, you can purchase the VIP Pack, offering 5 GB data usage for a limited time at $5 per month. Click here to confirm."

Efficiently Navigate Network Congestion and Surging Call Volume with Defne Call Completion Suite

Defne Call Completion Suite has proven its resilience and effectiveness, especially in challenging scenarios like earthquakes in Turkey. These events often result in core network congestion as people try to connect with their loved ones. During such crises, CCS consistently excels in handling the substantial surge in call volume.

This outstanding performance is made possible by the suite's robust infrastructure and intelligent algorithms, which seamlessly and efficiently process and complete calls even during the most extreme periods of heavy demand.


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