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Agility. Quality. Productivity… But first SAFETY!

Agility in business is key during times like the COVID-19 outbreak that has faced us all with unprecedented challenges. Businesses had to adopt to changing routines and ensuring effective working from home conditions for employees! Uninterrupted communication and access to business systems have never been more crucial. From the beginning, we have been supporting our customers and helping them get through this difficult time with ease. Defne technical team has been rapidly turning around quality solutions for our customers that help them to improve employee productivity while keeping them safe at home!

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell, one of our long-term customers who are using our IVR and Call Center Platform products, needed to enable their Call Center Customer Agents to work from home. Our technical team rapidly developed the necessary solution that created a hybrid Call Center Platform supporting both SIGTRAN and SIP signaling. Now, Kuzey Kibris Turkcell Customer Agents can access the Call Center Platform from their mobile phones and continue to ensure subscriber satisfaction and loyalty. But most importantly ensuring their own safety!


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