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Turkish Technology Companies are Part of EU Smart Building Systems Project!

Turkish Technology companies including Defne Telekomünikasyon, KoçSistem, Bor Yazılım and SmartSoft are taking part in the EU BaaS project that aims to develop solutions for centralized management of smart buildings. The project evaluation meeting for the BaaS project was held in İTÜ Arı Teknokent, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey – September 15, 2014 – The BaaS (Building as a Service) project was approved in 2013 under the EU ITEA2 (Information Technology for European Advancement) framework and it is supported in by TÜBİTAK TEYDEB in Turkey. ITEA2 management has dedicated a budget of 7.8 Million Euros for the BaaS project. All the stakeholders of the BaaS project met in İTÜ Arı Teknokent in Istanbul, Turkey during September 8-10, 2014.

The goal of the BaaS project which Turkish technology firms Defne Telekomünikasyon, KoçSistem, Bor Yazılım and SmartSoft (a Cardtek Group company) are part of, is to develop systems that allow cloud-based centralized management of smart buildings around the world.

“Goal; To Develop Intelligent Building Infrastructure Systems”

Franz-Josef Stewing, BaaS Project Coordinator appointed by EU, commented: “The ITEA2 BaaS project aims at overcoming the current silo approaches in Building Automation and Management in order to allow for future cross-domain efficiency and better engineering (configuration), operation and management of intelligent building infrastructures. This will be achieved by developing use and application cases driven in a corresponding domain model (ontology) and reference architecture, from which sample implementation of related architecture instances (BaaS compliant platforms) and (basic and value-added) services can be smoothly realized.”

Stewing added, “The latter is also planned to be done in BaaS with subsequent deployment in three different demonstration sites in three different countries (including Turkey) serving as proofs-of-concept and demonstrating the value and benefits of the chosen BaaS approach. Candidate value-added services that will be implemented in BaaS comprise the following; provisions for energy management and control, intelligent lighting, access control, room capacity management and residents’ safety surveillance and evacuation support. This international project context with requirements from different cultural and societal settings should ensure a future broader acceptance of emerging project results.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2016!

The Turkish Consortium working on the ITEA2 BaaS project is involved in the development of almost all of the work packages. The Turkish Consortium will carry out the leadership role for the work package 4 and will take an active role in all of the development activities by partnering with international well known firms and universities. The BaaS project with a total funding of 7.8 Million Euros is scheduled to be completed by October 31, 2016.

Defne Telekomünikasyon, KoçSistem, Bor Yazılım and SmartSoft from Turkey; Materna GmbH, Siemens A.G., Kieback & Peter GmbH & Co. KG, TWT GmbH Science & Innovation, Fraunhofer, Technische Universität München (TUM), Technische Universität Dortmund, University of Rostock, and reputable universities from Spain and Czech Republic can be listed as stakeholders of the BaaS project.

The ITEA2 BaaS project contribution of each of the companies in the Turkish Consortium are:

BOR Yazılım will apply the knowledge and software infrastructure development experience it gained during the TUBITAK funded Mobile Application Development Infrastructure and Content-Based Video Broadcasting project to the ITEA2 BaaS project. In addition, Bor Yazılım will take part in the research and development phases of the project; and will work on the classification of assistive technology, development and testing of the service platform and value-added building services, programming of constrained devices, and modelling of video programming needs.

Defne Telekomünikasyon, will contribute to the ITEA2 BaaS Project with its own telecommunications, industrial automation and alarm management, and Smart Building Infrastructure capabilities. For this purpose, Defne Telekomünikasyon started a comprehensive work on "Emergency Evacuation System" scenario. Under the same scenario, Defne Telekomünikasyon is also working together with ITU on a "Location Assisted Emergency Evacuation Scenario for Smart Buildings” which will be utilized in determining the location of people during emergency cases. As part of Defne Telekomünikasyon’s cooperation with İTÜNOVA under Defne Academy, university faculty members and doctoral students will also take part in the ITEA2 BaaS project.

Apart from being the country coordinator for the BaaS Turkish Consortium and leader for the work package 4, KOÇSİSTEM is responsible from the service based architectural system design, data collection from sensors and preparation of communication protocols. Determination of the needs of office buildings and technical site management systems, design and development of the sample demonstration system in relation to the established scenario framework are also among the responsibilities of KoçSistem. As the country coordinator for the project, KoçSistem will organize regular meetings to ensure that the project is on time and that technical work is carried out in a coordinated manner. KoçSistem will also contribute to the BaaS project the knowledge and experience it gained from national and international R&D projects that it was actively involved in; e.g. machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, Internet-of-Things (IoT), cloud computing and business intelligence technologies.

As part of the pilot applications Turkish Consortium will develop, SmartSoft will work on developing solutions that support the converged use of smart card technologies and biometric data through access control systems, solutions that maximize indoor security and integration with other services. With exports to 24 countries, SmartSoft will add value to the BaaS project by transferring the knowledge it gained through 13 years of global industry experience, award-winning first-to-market projects, and national and international R&D projects.


More information on BaaS – Building as a Service Project can be found at


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