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Calling Line Identification

Calling Line Identification


Defne CLI is Kubernetes orchestrated and has Cloud-native architecture. So it comes along with reduced development and release timeframes, optimized costs, increased software scalability and availability, flexibility in multi-cloud environments, and migration from an on-premises environment to a hybrid cloud is possible.


Almost everyone with a phone is affected by the rise in unsolicited calls. Even more disturbing are the calls in which scammers attempt to target or mislead people while disguising their identities by spoofing or changing the caller ID. To provide a better customer experience by analyzing and blocking fraud calls, Mobile Network Operators need to utilize Fraud detection & blocking services. Defne CLI can distinguish between legitimate and unauthorized traffic, block scam calls and prevent Spoofing and Robocalling.

To determine whether to prevent a call or not, the examination is made within the operator first, by considering Network, Provisioning, and Fraud integration points by Defne CLI. Suppose the calling number is a subscriber of another operator within the country. In that case, the examination is continued by querying the Central CLI solution to get the service subscription information of the subscriber to determine whether to allow or prevent the call, and prevention is provided by Defne CLI if necessary.



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