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Alert Notification

Alert Notification


Defne’s Alert Notification guarantees that the right people are notified and can intervene to protect persons and infrastructure at the earliest possible time to minimize any adverse outcomes as a result of technical or equipment failures, fire or water damage, or any other harmful event.


If an emergency call, fire alarm, or technical alarm is triggered, Alert Notification sends alert messages to individuals or entire groups within the shortest possible time frame, according to a predefined response scenario. Information about the event is forwarded as a voice message via a telephone call (mobile/TDM/VoIP) or in the form of text as an SNMP trap, SMS or pager message. Combined text and voice messages via cordless terminals (mobile, DECT, Wi-Fi) can be deployed for in-house alarms. This allows entire buildings or parts of buildings to be evacuated quickly and efficiently. These powerful options are especially applicable to the hotel industry, where Alert Notificaton, in conjunction with check-in systems, can transmit fully automated messages to the guest‘s room in their native language.

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction with differentiated cloud-based services that offer machine learning capability

  • Revenue Growth: Increases MoU and thus VAS revenues from enterprise customers

  • Ease of Operation: Advanced Web GUI for multiple user groups and administrators

  • Network Resource Efficiency: Centralized and cloud-based system assures efficient use of network resources

Key Enterprise Benefits:

  • Centralized Management for All Alerts: Controls and communicates with all alarm generating sensors and offers centralized collection, analysis, delivery to the right admin, and reporting of all alarms.

  • Protection for Persons and Infrastructure: Voice and text alarm messages sent over wireless terminals/sensors, alert individuals to take the right action to eliminate any disasters, loss of revenue, loss of energy, loss of lives, etc.

  • High Capacity and Scalability: With cloud-based architecture, the system has limitless capacity to connect to and manage alarms from various sensors. The system automatically scales to manage increase in number of sensors and alarm capacity.

  • Flexible Configuration: Can be easily tailored to monitor existing infrastructure and seamlessly integrate with customer processes and procedures.

  • Versatile: Takes care of centralized, automated and ad-hoc manual alarms all in one system. From pure text transmissions to initiating an emergency conference call between several parties and/or groups, simple serial alarms or several nested alarm levels can all be carried out simultaneously.

  • Industry Standard Software: Developed according to international best practice standards and programming conventions using the latest Web, Cloud and Machine Learning technologies and methods.

  • Investment Protection: Use of industry standards guarantees third party compatibility.




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