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                                            APRIL 2015, Vol. 1





Conquering the Edge of Innovation


As we are getting closer to our 20th anniversary, we have seen the telecoms industry transform from basic voice services to convergence and multi-play through the proliferation of new technologies, services and business models. Throughout this evolution, innovative value added services that enhance the personalization and communications life style of subscribers have played a significant role in the successful growth of communications service providers (CSP).




Outlook Beyond MWC 2015


MWC continues to be a key indicator that gives us the pulse and direction of the mobile industry for the year ahead of us. In Barcelona, the industry we were all convinced of endless possibilities and exciting opportunities that will materialize through technology collaboration from players in all segments to provide innovative solutions to enterprises and consumers.







VAS Monitoring


It is an innovative new solution that increases the service quality and customer satisfaction by performing subscriber behavior simulated automatic remote tests and monitoring of a variety of value added services during service creation, service deployment, test and live usage phases.


By remote testing service availability and major service functions, VAS Monitoring protects operator revenues, while at the same time increasing human resource efficiency and decreasing operational expenses.






Another Successful Presence for Defne at MWC 2015


Defne exhibited at the MWC for the 9th consecutive year and show-cased its new products. Delegates who visited Defne’s booth were interested in getting more information about its innovative and cost-effective solutions that generate new revenues by increasing call completion rates, service quality and subscriber loyalty. 






Defne Difference at Mobile World Congress 2015

Interview with CEO, Oguz Haliloglu


“We will focus on and add four new products to our product portfolio. In the last two years, we saw increasing demand for and growth in our Roaming, OSS and Mobile Marketing product suites.

We experienced significant sales growth with our Border Roaming Controller (prevents subscribers from unintentionally roaming into neighboring networks in international border areas) from our Roaming products suite,  VAS Monitoring (enables operators to increase their quality of service and customer satisfaction) and Consent Management (manages mobile subscriber consent and helps development of an authorized opt-in database) from or OSS products suite, and Bulk SMSC (reseller ready platform that efficiently manages high volumes of bulk SMS) from our Mobile Marketing product suite.


We will continue to evolve these products with new features and functionality based on the feedback we receive from our customers in different regions.” 




Key to Success:

Integrated Call Completion and Management


It is forecasted that the prepaid segment will drive the subscriber growth in the next five years. On the other hand, for one reason or another, about 25% of total prepaid subscriber base often find themselves with zero or low credit balance and with no immediate access to a top up mechanism where they cannot place a call.  










Kuzey Kibris Turkcell Provides 3 Million and 150 Thousand Minutes of Customer Service Utilizing Defne’s Call Center (IVR) Solution


Kuzey Kibris Turkcell Serves 190,000 Unique Subscribers Through its Call Center




Defne Enables Leading Mobile Operator in CIS to Launch Automatic Call Back Service 


Defne Deploys its Auto CallBack Solution on its Innovative CollectCall Platform in a Leading CIS Operator Network 




Turkish Technology Companies are Part of EU Smart Building Systems Project!


Turkish Technology companies including Defne Telekomüni-kasyon, KoçSistem, Bor Yazılım and SmartSoft are taking part in the EU BaaS project that aims to develop solutions for centralized management of smart buildings. 




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