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Defne and Vodafone Türkiye Elevate Roaming Messaging Services to New Heights!

We are excited to announce our successful collaboration with Vodafone Turkiye in replacing their Roaming Messaging Solution. At Defne, we believe that communication is the key to fostering loyal relationships with roamers, and RaaS (Roaming Suite as a Service) is the answer to achieving that goal. With our cutting-edge solution and the support of Vodafone Turkiye, we look forward to delivering an exceptional roaming experience to millions of subscribers. Tuğba Gencturk, Roaming Operations 2nd Line Senior Specialist at Vodafone Turkiye, stated "Our team is delighted with the cloud-native design of Roaming Suite as a Service (RaaS), offering high availability, agility, and resilience. This ensures that we can reach our roamers efficiently and effectively, even during peak times."

Defne's RaaS boasts a cloud-native design, encompassing both CNF (Cloud-native Network Function) deployment, alongside microservices and containerization. This advanced architecture ensures exceptional flexibility and scalability, allowing Vodafone Turkiye to stay ahead of the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape, including the upcoming 5G era. "Through the implementation of the partial swap method, we ensured error-free processing and minimized the impact on subscribers. Customized flows and logics were tailored to prevent excessive roaming messages, all in compliance with message transmission regulations.", Seval Duban, Roaming Operations 2nd Line Senior Specialist at Vodafone Turkiye.

During the implementation of the project, we proceeded with the partial swap method. Initially, one country, then a group of countries, and subsequently, all countries had RaaS (Roaming Suite as a Service) connected. This way, we had the opportunity to detect any potential errors and ensure that the minimum number of subscribers would be affected. Furthermore, we compared the message counts from the previous platform to guarantee error-free processing. Customized flows were created in accordance with the regulations to ensure the message broadcasting regulations. For example, customized logic was established to prevent overloading subscribers with consecutive roaming messages in border regions or for subscribers who frequently change countries, in line with the regulations for message broadcasting. RaaS revolutionizes the way operators connect with both inbound and outbound roamers in real-time. Gone are the days of conventional "Welcome SMS" - with RaaS, Vodafone Turkiye can now send personalized "Welcome" and "Thank You" messages to inbound roamers and "Bon Voyage" and "Welcome Back" messages to outbound roamers. This level of engagement not only enhances the roaming experience but also drives increased usage and subscriber satisfaction. At Defne, we are continuously working to understand the market's needs and offer comprehensive solutions to our valued partners. We are grateful to Vodafone Turkiye for their trust and collaboration throughout this journey.

Join us as we embrace the future of telecommunications and provide exceptional roaming experiences to millions of subscribers! Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our partnership with Vodafone Turkiye.


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