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FriendList - Extension of Defne's "CollectCall (Pay For Me)" Service

Defne announced the launch of its "FriendList" service in Kcell's network. The solution is

integrated with Defne's "CollectCall (Pay For Me)" service already deployed in Kcell's network.

If a Kcell subscriber accepts a CollectCall (Pay For Me) request from a specific subscriber, the system automatically adds the caller to his friend-list. With the help of FriendList functionality, CollectCall (Pay For Me) call requests from a friend on the friend-list is automatically connected without requesting approval.

The FriendList capability automatically adds caller IDs to the whitelist once the subscriber accepts a configurable number of collect calls from the same caller. FriendList allows faster growth of the subscriber’s whitelist, makes the service easier to use and increases revenue potential.